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Think You Can’t Shop Here? Think Again

It happens to everyone: we classify a store as “not our thing” and will never more set foot through its doors because we think it has nothing to offer us.

Thinking like this can lead us to overlook great deals and really rad stuff.

Eddie Bauer is one of these stores for a lot of students. It seems like a middle-aged mecca for flannel shirts and jumbo coffee mugs. A quick tour of the store reveals much more that might interest a student, however.

Foldable backpacks (with styles that rival North Face) are sold for only $29.95, though Eddie Bauer sales assosciate and UW student Shelby Bartlett revealed that items like these often go on sale for 50% off (usually around when school starts).

Their down jackets come in an array of great colors and no noticeable logo (for those still Bauer-wary). The fleece pullovers are really warm and come in flattering athletic fits.

This Micro-Therm Down Shirt is $179.00 but often on sale.

Margaret O’Leary is another store that typically doesn’t pull in a 20-something-year-old crowd, but has some killer finds.

Store Manager of the University Village location Danielle Fulton explained that the prices aren’t always student-friendly, but that the items are great quality and meant to last. “I’ve seen some [college] girls  come in here and get sticker shock,” she said.

We both agreed that the gorgeous sweaters and accessories make great Christmas wish list items (hint hint).

UW student Kimberly Stanford works in the U Village location, and shows that the store’s clothing is defnitely college-age friendly.


One thought on “Think You Can’t Shop Here? Think Again

  1. I LOVE Eddie Bauer…and flannel boxers will ALWAYS be in style! When they throw a sale there are some great bargains to be had. And the quality is always top notch. And, oh yeah, I have been middle aged for quite some time now.

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