Campus Style

What Huskies Wear to the IMA

Everyday, scores of students walk around campus in workout attire, IMA-bound or comfort oriented.

What do we wear to workout in?

1. Lots of UW attire. Washington hoodies, shorts, t-shirts, you name it. For some reason, we love working out in anything related to our school. Oldies but goodies like the “I Bark for Sark” football shirts of three years ago are a good example. Sweat it out in spirit.

2. Greek-life oriented t-shirts or tanks. More on this later.

3. Basketball shorts for guys (pickup game, anyone?) and leggings/spandex for girls (Lulus, Lucy, Athleta, you name it).

Some students have that elusive gym swag. They look like they live to workout, and walk around the IMA like it’s their second home.

Jennifer Joe is one such character:

Sean Duggan and Stacie Larsen are two student workers at Dawg Bites, the eating area in the IMA.
Stacie sees “a lot” of Greek-system-related attire: “Members of the Greek system are probably a higher percentage of the IMA population than non-Greek students,” she noted.
Sean agreed, stating that maybe this is due to the proximity of the IMA to Greek Row.
“Greek members live close by,” he said, whereas students like commuters “come to campus just to go to class. They might not come as often to the IMA.”

Another noticeable demographic at the IMA, according to Stacie and Sean: student athletes.
“Yeah, they’re in here from time to time. They play intramurals, just to kick ass, I guess,” said Sean with a smile.


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